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Not wanting mugs? but rather print your own"Cups & Saucers"?

We print one different types of cups and saucers here.

From our Traditional White Set to various the Gold Rimmed ones. Then we also have a few other more specialty cups & saucers. Lots to print on.

Custom Printed cups and saucers.
Prince of Wales Hotel Cup & Saucer
Custom printed saucers too.

Want your own Inspirational Cups & Saucers with your own name?

Bible Verse Mugs & Cups/Saucers Personalized  - you haven't seen this before!

Need to know all our various terms of Mug Printing Places_Spots, check this out. (opens a PDF file)

If you are needing to know the types of fonts (besides the common ones we use) that are specialty fonts you can check favorite fonts for printing IN mugs and On mugs, and this out too (opens a PDF file)

Want to see..

Our printed Dishware? We also print on plates (dishware you can eat off) as well as our bowls and platters, all kinds of custom printed dishes. Nobody prints small runs, for anniversary or promotion as well as large runs, like we do in custom dish printing on plates with logos for restaurants, catering companies or business.

Photo Plates

Or ….

Printed "Pictured Tile" Like wall tile, floor tile and outdoor tile. We at Paris Group Inc, are world leaders in Porcelain & Ceramic printers. So if its porcelain or ceramic our patented technology and system allows us to print on tiles too. So 1/2 our sales are dishware, the other half tiles such as: wall tile, floor tile, memorial tile and outdoor tile.

Pictured Tile

Custom Printed Plates for Ferrari Club of USA
Ferrari Club of USA
Crab Tiles Custom Printed with Pictures on Tiles
custom printed tiles in various sizes.

Short Video - showing our custom printed work...

on our famous custom printed cups and saucers.

custom printed cup and saucer. Prince of Wales Hotel
custom printed cup and saucer. Prince of Wales Hotel

We print on cups & saucers too (both)
Very Elegant our Traditional "Cup & Saucer" and we print both on the cup and the saucer too. Model 9502CS and 7.8 oz.

Modern Gold Rimmed Cups and Saucers

Gold Rimmed Traditional Cup & Saucer
Gold Rimmed Traditional Cup & Saucer

Our Cups & Saucers Promoted For The British Golf Open By Celebrates

check out the links below.... Question: when do we "tea-off"  ...get it? See the links below.

Gold Rimmed Cup & Saucer. Called "Can" Cup Because its shaped like a can. Dont be fooled its GOLD
Gold Rimmed Modern Cup and Saucer. These Were Printed For The 154th British Golf Open

Custom Print 8 oz cup
Avignon Gold Dishware 7 oz. Cup. This is our modern line of gold rimmed dishware.  Saucer sold separately,.  (saucer works with both cups, see below)

Avignon Gold Betty Cup and saucer sold serperately.
Avignon Gold Betty Cup about 5 oz. Saucer below sold separately.

Avignon Gold Saucer
Avignon Gold Saucer (this is our modern line) and cups sold separately see above.

Printed Gold Rimmed Cup and Saucer
Traditional Gold Rimmed Cup and Saucer. (saucer is included with cup) Model J067161 and its 8 oz. and 3 inches tall.

Modern Cup and Saucer (of course we print on them too)
Modern Cup & Saucer - fully able to print on them. We bring these in, Model J075261 size 7 oz. and 5.75 inch diameter. (see Canada Royal Airforce Logo on bottom left, for a printed example)


we print on parts of this recatantular cup and saucer
Model J050831 small 5 oz. and rectangular cup and saucer. (special order)

We take, for example, a white porcelain cup and saucer and put a blue band around the rim making it look completely different. Sometimes less is more, you don't have to print much to give it a unique look.

Monogram Plantation Custom Printed Cups & Saucers
Custom printed cups and saucer for a plantation in the Carolina's.
Airbus 150 the plane the Canadian Prime Minister flies in and our custom printed dishware.
matching custom printed cups and saucers.
Plantation custom printed cups and saucers.
Custom Country Flag Cups and Saucers