Custom Printed Mugs For:

Restaurants, Hotels, Catering and Corporate Needs

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Some of our corporate friends

Plaza Suites Hotel in California, were the first to have us print a Hashtag on the INside wall, you can partially see it in the picture.

Daltile, we love because they provide us with the best tiles we use to print on both our wall and floor tile and outdoor tile, hey they like our mugs too!

Custom Printed Plaza Suites Hotel Mugs
Plaza Suites Hotel California
Printed mugs for Daltile who supply us with tiles we print on.
Printed Mugs For Daltile (corporate mugs)

Bank Job - Banks and Business love our mugs because we make a statement.  Not a bank statement, but a statement when you read their logo every time you take a drink.

Large corporations like British Petroleum, have many different encouraging words printed on the bottom of the INside of the mugs.  Good for body and or tea to pick me up and the words to lift me up!

Haitong Bank in NY written in two languages.
Haitong Bank in NY written in two languages.
Boxed & Ready To Ship
Mug Printed On Bottom For British Petroleum (BP)
The Elephantine Bakery in Portsmouth NH
The Elephantine Bakery in Portsmouth NH
Canadian Air Force Mugs
Canadian Air Force Mugs
Canada's Air Force Mugs
Canada's Air Force Mugs

If you are ever in the Portsmouth NH area you owe it to yourself to treat yourself to some of the best, (perhaps the very best) in the area

The Elephantine Bakery

Proud of our troops, these were printed for the Canadian Air force, more specifically Airbus 150 the official plane for the Canadian Prime Minister.

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