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We started many years ago selling dishware to restaurants and hotels. Nothing printed, just bulk dishware (see

That all changed years ago when we were asked by a MLB  (Baseball) team if they could buy dishware from us for their teams jets and print their team logo on the plates.

We thought, we would sell the plates to them and get "someone" who could print, do that part for us, so we could have the bragging rights of selling to a professional baseball team.

That never happened!

Printing wasn't as easy as we thought. Oh, there were "printers" but the print wasn't permanent and it certainly was not food safe as they used lead in their ink (many that try still do).

That and many dollars and weeks into months into years when we started putting it (slowly) together - screwing up thousands of wrong prints we managed over time to perfect.

Now printed dishware is 50% of our business and the other half is printed wall and floor and outdoor tile see for more information.

Part of our showroom
Part of the largest showroom of printed dishware, mugs and tiles in the world.
Paris Group Inc. Porcelain & Ceramic Printers Showroom
Paris Group Inc we are world leaders in porcelain printing. This is one part of our showroom.

Our Approach

You can order the Best Mug, right here. Why? Because we print in areas on mugs nobody else does.  This mug below shows its the best mug but also has lips printed on the INSIDE of the mug, perhaps where your lips would go if you drank out of it?

Just let us know how many mugs you need and we print full color and all over the mug, printing on the inside wall and printing mug bottoms both inside and outside. All dishwasher safe and durable because we glaze them in our kiln.

You can have the Best Mug as you personalize it the way you want with printing on the inside and outside
You can have the Best Mug as you personalize it the way you want with printing on the inside and outside

Our Story

Our Story is your story. As you get your mugs printed by us, we continue leading the way with the most unique mugs on the market. So our story is 100% depended on your story.

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